More About Tim

The Beginning of Tim

I was born and raised in Dorchester, Mass. My parents were born and raised in Dorchester, Mass. My grandfather, sisters, daughters, son, aunts, uncles, and cousins were all born and raised in Dorchester. (All others were from Ireland).

The Education of Tim

I went to St. Brendan's Grammer School.
St. Sebastian's High School
Clark University—BA in Economics

I went back to school for 3 years and earned the Graphic Design Certificate from the Mass College Of Art in 1998

The Work Life of Tim

I worked at The Boston Globe for 10 years in the Marketing Department. Also, I worked at the MathWorks for 2+ years in their marketing department.

I taught graphic design and design software at Mass Art and the Clark Computer Institute.

I've been board member of The Boston Globe Employee's Credit Union and the Leahy Holleran Community Center. I've also been the Election Commissioner of the Boston Newspaper Guild (local 31245).

The Business of Tim

In 2007, I left the Globe to start my own design business. It was a mix of print, branding, and web.

In 2014, I began to focus on websites. I design and work on the front end (HTML, CSS, or Wordpress). I have a team of web specialists who provide support for back end programming, social media, writing, editing, etc.

The Other Side of Tim

I love sports, food, chess, theater, camping, music, and history.

I coach hockey.

Every summer—since 1984—I volunteer at a camp for special needs kids in New Hampshire called Camp Fatima. I am usually on the committee that puts on a play each night for them. However, last year, I was appointed the Program Director.